Mystery Innovation

Mystery Innovation: Future Stars Now!

  • Lichthärtendes Wimpernklebe System | Patentantrag eingereicht
  • schnelles Kleben direkt nach der Aktivierung
  • keine Verklebungen der Wimpern durch trockene Aushärtung
  • unabhängig von Luftfeuchtigkeit, Temperatur und PH-Wert
  • sowohl für Anfänger als auch für Profis geeignet
  • wesentlich bessere Verträglichkeit für Kundinnen und Anwender*
  • Europäische Händleranfragen sind erwünscht

* Forschungsergebnis an der Universität zu Lübeck
Patenantrag zum Klebstoff
Patentantrag zum Aktivierungstool


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As we have two EU patents and one US patent pending, we can award the distribution partnership for all countries in the world.
We are looking for experienced partners in the eyelash extension branch, who are leaders in their country and have achieved a wide coverage of their market with their store.
There are three business areas for Mystery Innovation System:
Selling the system with retraining of eyelash stylists.
Training and sales to newcomers
Recurring sale of the glue
We expect a slow restructuring of the market, away from traditional cyanoacrylates to light-curing technology. We believe this change is coming and is also an opportunity for the entire eyelash extension industry to become healthier. We have commissioned a study at the University of Lübeck on the side effects. The results are very clear and prove the great benefits of light curing.
If you want to go this way together with us, please apply. In the next step we will meet in Lübeck and you will be one of the first to get to know and try the new system.
The market launch and first sale is planned for Mai 2022. This technology will probably bring about the biggest paradigm shift in our industry that there has ever been and will ever be. Let's walk this path together for healthier and easier eyelash extensions!
Greetings from Lübeck,
Margarita Zimmer and Team Mystery Lashes

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